Music is soul-food. Whether it’s feeding your ambition, your motivation, your questionable dance moves or those tears that needed to fall, it has the ability to touch parts of your being nothing else can reach. It’s also, for me, one of the most uniting aspects of humanity. Sharing music is such an intimate activity – it is often so personal, and has great meaning or importance – that you can be left feeling exposed and vulnerable while awaiting the verdict from your companion.

I have a friend that I see every few months at most, but I know that every time I do he’ll have some great music recommendations. The most recent album he introduced me to (in terms of my knowledge of its existence; the album itself is over two years old) was CHROMEO’S 2014 release, WHITE WOMEN. 

CHROMEO were formed in 2002 by Canadian’s ‘Dave 1’ and ‘P-Thugg’, an electro-funk duo. WHITE WOMEN is their latest release, and while it begins along an undeniably feel good, disco-esque vibe, there are also calmer tracks that expose the singers’ vulnerability in emotional and sexual relationships. Such tracks, including LOST ON THE WAY HOME, which features SOLANGE, balance the album and prevent it becoming almost comically upbeat. It’s a wonderful listen (and I would recommend taking the time to listen to the whole album) and something I can imagine absorbing on a road-trip with my best friends, or around a campfire while travelling with people I met that day.




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